Automotive Applications

Tractors / Farm Equipments

We began manufacturing tractors in the early 1960s for the Indian market. Nearly 50 years later, we are the number one tractor company in the world (by volume) with annual sales above 200,000 and over 2.1 million tractors sold to date. Our tractors are making farms more prosperous in more than forty countries on six continents. The reason behind such magnanimous success is the sophisticated Mahindra engine for tractor that has been built for perfection over the years.

Specially tailored to deliver the horse power required for the rural farmer to transform rural productivity, income, and living standards. Mahindra tractor engines ranging from the 15 HP engine to 85 HP, have been designed in close communication with farmers about their day to day tractor usage and farming practices. These low cost engines make sure that the farmer can provided with tractors with superior features at an affordable cost.