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Our Philosophy

Rise a simple yet powerful word that defines 'Mahindra Group' and gives the Brand, a meaning and purpose. It instills an ambition and attitude that 'we can achieve whatever we set our minds to' and declares who we are, how we operate, what we believe in and where we want to be.

Rise also succinctly sums up the aspirations of our stakeholders who expressed a strong sense of optimism about the future and shared a common desire to rise, to succeed and create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Rise will enable people to see the Mahindra Group as a group of passionate individuals and unconventional thinkers who create world-class offerings and aspire to greatness. They will know what we intend to achieve for ourselves, our customers and society. The Three Tenets of Rise are:

Accepting No Limits

We will think big and look beyond conventional boundaries. We will encourage our people to be adaptable and agile, benchmark beyond global best in class, and take well-reasoned risks to deliver breakthrough products, services and solutions for our customers.

Alternative Thinking

We will apply alternative thinking and new approaches in our everyday work-life. We will seek out fresh, diverse perspectives and reward those who deliver alternative thinking. We will direct our intellect towards customer-focused innovation and will use our ingenuity to add value to our stakeholders.

Driving Positive Change

We will deeply understand the needs of our customers and offer them quality products and services that will not only delight them, but improve and transform their lives. We will put our customers at the center of our business and build strong relationships with them. We will act with the highest standards of integrity. We will strive to bring about positive change in our own lives, and enable our customers and communities to Rise.

As the group builds its global presence and aims for exponential business growth, we strongly believe that the Mahindra brand epitomizes what customers want - a company that empowers and helps them Rise.

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