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Nanhi Kali

Anand Mahindra founded Nanhi Kali in 1996 out of the conviction that empowering women through education would have a tremendous positive impact on the nation in the long run. Girls' education correlates with a reduction in child and maternal mortality, improvements in child nutrition and health, lower fertility rates, better economic production, and female empowerment. Through Nanhi Kali, Mahindra hopes to play a small but significant role in shaping India's future by empowering girls through education.

Jointly managed in partnership with the Naandi Foundation, Nanhi Kali is the flagship program of the KC Mahindra Education Trust. We select students based on multiple criteria, then create a comprehensive sponsorship to address both learning and financial challenges. We offer academic support classes to help students master math, science, and language concepts, and we defray the hidden costs of education, including uniforms, school bags, clothes, shoes, and more. Individual or corporate donors sponsor each girl and receive regular progress reports in return, helping to promote understanding and empathy. Sponsorship is only USD 60 for a student in grades 1-5 and USD 90 for a student in grades 6-10.

The Mahindra Group independently supports the education of 29,702 of the 78,338 underprivileged girl children who participate in Project Nanhi Kali.Within the period of a single year, third party assessments have indicated an improvement in learning outcomes ranging from 40 percent in tribal Chhattisgarh to 78 percent in Mumbai.

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