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K. C. Mahindra Education Trust

The K.C. Mahindra Education Trust was founded almost 60 years ago in 1953 to transform the lives of people in India through education and financial assistance across age groups and income strata. Since then, we have provided disadvantaged students with more than USD 22.03 million in grants, scholarships, and loans.

So far, we have reached 95,522 beneficiaries through grants, scholarships, and loans. As of March 2013:

  • 6,354 Mahindra All India Talent Scholars have pursued vocational diploma courses at Government polytechnic colleges
  • 1,123 deserving students have pursued graduate studies overseas with the K.C. Mahindra Scholarship for Post Graduate Studies Abroad
  • Mahindra Search for Talent scholarships which rewards excellence in academics has been set up in 37 institutions in India
  • 78,578 underprivileged girl children have gone to school with Project Nanhi Kali
  • 7,300 disadvantaged youth have graduated from Mahindra Pride Schools with employable skills and good jobs

The K.C. Mahindra Education Trust is a registered public Charitable Trust under the Bombay Trusts Act, 1950, and the Mahindra Group is the main donor to its investment portfolio.